Tips for group photos

Jodie Hurd Tips & Advice

Although 90% of my approach is natural and relaxed its still lovely to get some formal groups for you and parents to treasure.

I recommend keeping the groups to around 8 shots; immediate family and the wedding party. This would normally take around 10-15 minutes on a good run. Photos with friends take a lot longer and therefore I recommend doing this spontaneously throughout the day; when you are chatting with them remember to call me over and I can get a more informal shot. This then reduces the time for ‘group photos’ and means less moving and bossing people around; giving you the shots you want without photographs taking over the day and leaving everyone to just enjoy themselves.

So where to begin? Here is my top list for photos for couple A and B

A and B and both sets of parents

A and B plus A’s parents, siblings and grandparents

A and B plus B’s parents ADD in next siblings and grandparents

All the above together is also a lovely shot of all your immediate family.

What to do if parents have separated?

Here we also have to consider if parents have separated which can be a sensitive moment. I recommend sticking to the same list, however doing one shot without one parent (adding in a new partner if there is one) and the same for the other. Therefore you get a family shot with both and they get their own to put up without their divorced partner in.

The Wedding Party

Wedding Party consists of; A and B plus Bestman or Bestmen, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls and pageboys.

The girls from the wedding party; its important to get you and your besties!

The boys for the wedding party as well.

It can also be nice to have some images later in the day with the wedding party; either more fun ones or just include them in some smoke bombs or sparklers.

Same Sex Weddings

For same sex weddings this can vary a little when it comes to dividing up the wedding party however this is something we can go into more detail about during our pre wedding meeting.

Can we have a photo of everyone?

Yes! Of course. To make it as easy I do this straight after the confetti which normally follows on from the end of ceremony. This way I still have everyone there and their attention. If you are getting married at a church then the format of the day is a little different and I would then do this right before you are called in to dine; the reason is so I am not interrupting the reception and straight after I can instruct everyone to head in for dinner.

Group Photo