Selecting the right photographer for YOU

Chris Tips & Advice

With my relaxed and informal style of photography together with my friendly nature, I attract a lot of nervous and camera shy brides. If you don’t like attention or are body conscious, having all eyes on you and a photographer watching your every move, you’re going to be nervous. However your wedding day shouldn’t be a life event you dread, it should be one of the best days of your life. 

With years of experience capturing weddings as well as helping and supporting brides on the day, I wanted to share just a few of my tips and advice for not only getting the best photographs but also truly enjoying the day and all its special moments.

Feel a connection 

When selecting your photographer you need to feel a connection; yes I know you are not marrying us but we do spend all day with you. When I say all day we are talking around 10 hours or more so you need to feel completely at ease with them. This reflects in the photographs, the more relaxed you are with the person behind the camera the more natural the finished product. 

Select the right style 

This is something which confuses most engaged couples, most photographers fall into two categories; natural/reportage (the fancy name) or traditional. A nervous bride should always go with the natural approach. This means your photographer will blend into the background and you won’t even know they are there, you can relax and just enjoy yourself knowing somewhere in the room they are working away. I’ve been given the nickname Ninja by so many of my couples, by the time they give me a second glance I’m gone. 

Spend money

I know this isn’t something you want to hear but you need to have a good budget for your photography. I’ve had a few couples who I’ve chatted to at fairs say ‘We don’t like having our photographs taken so we won’t be spending a lot on a photographer’. Unfortunately this is the wrong way to think of it; a lower budget most likely means less experience. To help get the best from you they need to know where to be at the right time and most of all help keep you both relaxed in front of the camera. This comes with lots of practice so find a photographer who has perfected their craft. 

Take the pressure off

One of my winter brides last year said she was nervous about the couples shots; the time we go off just the 3 of us. She said she felt huge pressure to get some amazing shots as they are going up in her house for years to come. Yes they are but in the huge scheme of things this part of the day is only 15 minutes; don’t lose sleep over such a small part of the day. There are so many great ways to get more shots of the two of you without you knowing. Make sure you are close together during the drinks reception; I tell my couples to imagine a rope tying you together as you greet guests. This gives the photographer a way of capturing you together just chatting. Another great time is the speeches, I love speeches! Make sure you cuddle up together or hold hands as you listen to them, again you will be too busy listening and laughing but this gives your photographer another chance to capture some beautiful images of you both.

If you follow these tips you can’t go far wrong; however it comes down to you on the day. At any moment you feel worried just take a deep breath, smile and remember you are surrounded by loved ones who are there to celebrate the love you share. 

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