Heledd and Daniel


Saturday of the Easter weekend took me to Folly Farm for the wedding of Heledd and Daniel. Another rainy start but with the promise of at least some dry weather in the afternoon. On arrival Heledd was getting ready with her mum; bridesmaids came and went as they helped finish off the beautiful flowers around the venue as well as the bouquets. A card and Easter Egg arrived from Daniel which inside the chocolate egg were lots of notes with reason’s why he loves Heledd; the first one she read about was ‘You have a nice nose’ to which we all laughed and agreed that was as good of a reason as any to marry someone!

Heledd looked stunning in her floral gown as she walked down the aisle on the arm of her Dad Mike. Daniel was very nervous for the ceremony but he did brilliantly with lots of encouragement from his bride. After we went outside for confetti before heading over to the atrium for drinks and canapes. I took a little walk with the newly weds for some photos, due to the amount of rain the previous day the woods was off limits but there is so many other lovely spots around the farm.

After dinner the barn was cleared for my favourite; the Ceilidh! I love them and they are great to photograph as everyone learns the steps and bumps into each other! I had such a brilliant time and truly loved capturing these two who are clearly very much in love with each other and not only make each other laugh but me as well with their silly faces and fun loving ways! Thanks so much for a great day!