Claire & Matt


So as the heat wave continues so do the awesome weddings. I went to school with Matt (many years ago now), when he got in touch about his upcoming  wedding I was so excited, even more so when I met his super lovely fiance Claire. Their day started at home where Claire got ready with her Bridesmaids and Mum Erica with Makeup by Sally on hand. Claire’s makeup was incredible; her eyes literally were sparkling (very jealous!) and her stunning look was completed when she got dressed and came in to her Dad John and Step-dad Richard.

Matt was greeting their guests at Batch Country Hotel as the heat was increasing; however this did make for a truly wonderful and beautiful outside ceremony. In what seems like a flash the ceremony was over (they always seem to go fast) and it was time for confetti and canapes in the shade. As a few guests kept track of the football (yes I have to mention it!) everyone enjoyed the beautiful surroundings as I took the couple off for a few couples shots. In the morning Claire read a letter from Matt; which made us all cry as he talked about how much he loves her and how happy he is. However he said he must remind his face of this on the day (which made me laugh); not one for lots of smiling I think Matt found himself naturally smiling more, after all how could he not after marrying his best friend.

After dinner the speeches took place and we heard how the worst stag do in history was played out; poor Matt! Then after the cutting of the cake the band kicked off the nights entertainment. I also have to give a shout out to the Marine Magician, Steel Johnson who wowed everyone all day. Pretty sure he was only booked for part of the day however as he was having such a good time stayed on late and even entertained me while I had dinner!

A huge thank you to the new Mr and Mrs Deacs; thank you soooo much for having me and to your friends and family for keeping me hydrated throughout the day!