Chontelle & Daniel


With over two years in the planning I knew this one was going to be epic; it didn’t disappoint!  On arrival at the beautiful Coombe Lodge for Chontelle and Daniel’s wedding day I found everyone hard at work setting up, the whole place looked amazing and the attention to detail was another level of amazing! When Chontelle met Daniel at the top of the aisle I watched as he broke down in tears, their love and friendship was so emotional to capture. After we headed outside for confetti and drinks when the very cute little Elvis arrived; he was a wedding gift from Daniel to Chontelle and named after their first dance song. As always Coombe Lodge delivered with a stunning sunset (I was actually making ‘ohh, awww’ sounds as I worked) and after the first dance with headed outside for fireworks and sparklers. Chontelle had thought of everything and her hard work paid off, what a brilliant day! A massive congrats to you both, I bloody loved it!