Nine Dots Photography Award

Jodie Hurd Blog

As a photographer it can be quite a lonely profession monday to friday; we sit editing alone, marketing, accounts etc so its so important to keep in touch with other photographers and like minded people.

I joined the Nine Dots community last February just before lockdown and I am so glad I did! It’s a members only community of some of the most incredible photographers across the world. Every few months they hold awards where you enter anonymously a few images and a range of highly talented photographer from the world are the judges.

I have never entered my images into awards before as I shoot for my couples and myself. My approach is what I feel and see in that moment, however for some reason when a final reminder email came in at the end of last year to enter I thought why not!

I was so thrilled to have my image recognised and be given one of the nine dots award! To me this image of Becky and Jamie at the end of their day (9pm as the rules allowed at the time) totally sums up the feelings of all weddings that took place in 2020. If I could give it a title it would be

‘Sod covid; love wins.”

To see all the winners take a look here.