Let’s celebrate Galentines day!

Chris Blog

Where would we be without our girlfriends? I mean honestly, I know finding the ‘one’ is incredible but without our besties life just wouldn’t have that extra sparkle. Picking your bridesmaids can be so hard, I mean really hard. It’s basically like someone asking you, if you could only fit 4 friends in a lifeboat which who would you pick? Its one of the biggest headaches for most brides.

However without them by our sides on the most important day of our lives, it really wouldn’t be as special. They take our wedding day as seriously as we do, they want it to be the most magical day for us. If you have never planned a Hen Do; let me tell you its not for the faint hearted! Our girl friends spend hours, days, planning it all, giving us the best send off into married life, so on Galentine’s Day, lets have a little shout out to our besties, a thank you for making our bride-to-be journey more fun.

Life wouldn’t be as fun with out you!